Quik Mat was founded in Los Angeles, California in the summer of 2015 after my wife sat in beer riding on the bus. She needed something to protect herself from liquids and germs and there was nothing practical on the market. She saw that many bus riders use newspapers, plastic bags, bulky mats with padding, or nothing at all to cover the seat. Plastic bags were not a good option, once you place bags on a seat, who wants to touch them after? Newspapers are a bad idea too; liquids seep through the newspaper, getting the rider wet, and the ink from the newspaper can get on your clothing. Big bulky padded mats were also not practical. She needed a solution.


Quik Mat is the perfect solution. It can be quickly taken out and placed over any seat and quickly rolled up after use. It’s lightweight and compact. Quik Mat is specially designed so that the user won’t come in contact with the bottom dirty side. Quik Mat is water-resistant! The top of Quik Mat stays clean and dry keeping the user clean and dry. Quik Mat is stored in a water-resistant pouch. Quik Mat can be washed and reused over and over again.  Quik Mat is so versatile, you can be anywhere and be clean!

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